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Hey there! Welcome to Travel & Tunes – my name is Kelly! I’m a twenty-something amateur photographer, music lover and travel seeker based in Manchester, UK! For as long as I can remember I’ve made a connection between music and travel; and its way more then them being two of my favourite things in life! As a poet and lyricist I have often been inspired by trips I have made across the world as well as inspired by music that I’ve heard. I can never get enough of either of them; immediately after a trip or concert I find myself craving my next fix. During my time in University I was able to spend several months living in Nashville Tennessee, a place that made the connection between travel and music even stronger for me. I was able to meet people from all over the world who had travelled with hopes of sharing their story; their journey; their life. The other way in which they are related is because I can not listen to a single song that does not remind me of a specific memory I’ve made on my adventures through life!
That time in Nashville only made me hungry to share my journey with travel and music; that is one of the reasons I chose to call my blog Travel and Tunes. My aim was to create a place that I could share both my passions with people that love them just as much as I do! I truly believe that the world is filled with sights and sounds. Each sight or sound tells a story for those that want to hear. We all interpret those stories differently. Music is one method many use to share their journey, Travel is another aspect of life some use to tell their story. Travel and Tunes is my story; my interpretation, my journey in life.

The ‘Music’will share reviews, introducing new artists, music mentions and much more! The main aim of this side of my blog is to inspire everybody to listen to different sounds while giving artists a chance to share their story.
The ‘Travel’ side of will share travel stories, reviews, recommendations and more! The world is a big place and there are many sights to see; there are some destinations you may never have thought to travel but every destination is beautiful in its own way! My aim with this side of the blog is to share the sights of the world while giving you an insight into my adventures of exploring the world!

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