Music Mentions – 6th July 2020.

Music Mentions; a series of posts with the aim of answering who to listen to next!

Music Mentions | Introduction

In our last music mentions post we introduced you to a number of solo singer-songwriters from different places around the world as well as from different genres of music. This post is the third in the series and will focus on introducing you to new male artists that you need to listen to including a general introduction, recent releases, and any social links you need to follow them. Be sure to read on to learn about five new male artists you can support during this time as they start their journey in the music industry.

Carson Beyer | USA | Country

Carson Beyer, US country aritst, newest release Nearest Green
Image credit; Carson Beyer Facebook Page

Kentucky native Carson Beyer is currently living in Nashville pursuing his dream of becoming a country music artist however at first his drive and desire to succeed seen him become a college footballer player. Many people who meet him are unaware of his history with sports but it does always make for an interesting topic. After two years he was awarded a scholarship to continue to play for the team for the remainder of his time there though after graduating decided it was time to give music his full attention. He explored the different genres before figuring out that he wanted to create music that made people feel something. Carson is a firm believer that great things take time and his goal and with the support of his wonderful teams hopes to create timeless music. He started releasing music in 2018 with tracks such as Bones that has had over 2m streams, that track along with 5 others can be found on his debut EP, Walk On! In late May of this year, he released another wonderful song titled Nearest Green which is so catchy you’ll have it stuck in your head for days! Follow the links below to learn more about Carson!

Website Instagram Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Rayne Johnson | USA | Country

Rayne Johnson, US country music artist
Image Credit; Rayne Johnson Facebook Page

Now I may be biased given that Rayne Johnson is one of my personal favourites however you are seriously missing out if you don’t have him on your playlist! After years of playing live and participating in different competitions, he had won the hearts of many and decided that it was time to release his original music. The first two tracks he released, Laid Back and Front Seat gave us an insight into the type of artist he is as well as the amount of talent he has. His first single, Laid Back, reached over 1.7m plays in a matter of months which for a debut single is just incredible. The response Front Seat got was even better, not only that but in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard for a very long time! It received an astonishing 24 million streams across all platforms, it was also dubbed one of the most talked-about tracks of this year! His most recent single is a track called Last Name is one that the fans seem to love at his shows, though he only actually released it last month. If you need a new artist who creates incredible songs with beautiful stories then go and check out the links below.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

TJ Stewart | USA | Country

Nashville born and raised pop artist TJ Stewart
Image Credit; TJ Stewart Facebook Page

Born and raised in the heart of Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, it was only a matter of time until TJ Stewart would find his place in the music industry. He may label himself a pop artist but I truly believe that his smooth vocals, as well as excellent guitar skills, can draw just about anybody in. The talent he has as a performer is enough to capture your attention but the picture he paints with his lyrics will have you coming back for more over and over again! One moment he will always remember is when Dave Mustaine attended one of his shows then went on to share about his music on his social media. The growth he experienced during that time helped him realise his potential which also improved his confidence! Just last month he released his debut album titled Quarantine Vibes with tracks such as OceansChilly and Midnight! One of my personal favourites by him is his most recent single, a track called Don’t Kiss Me, that he released late last year. If you need an upbeat and lively artist to add to your playlist then look no further, check out TJs social links below!

Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube

Sam Ellis | USA | Pop

Sam Ellis Nashville based alternate pop artist
Image Credit; Sam Ellis Facebook Page

Let me start this introduction by saying that Sam Ellis is that one artist missing from your playlist that you wish you would have added months ago! His first taste of music was when he was in the school band where he played the bassoon, in the years that followed he was able to learn a range of other instruments such as guitar. He may not be new to playing music however his career as a writer only started three years ago in 2017. Since the start of this year, he has released three beautifully written singles that I can guarantee will find a place on any playlist; Everything is Alright, Matter and Irusu. Later this month he is set to re-release a remix of Irusu that he worked on with the wonderful and talented Jamey Howell. Sam creates music that pushes the typical boundaries of what we as listeners would usually class as pop music by using captivating lyrics along with personal reflection to develop the stories behind his songs. For the rest of this year, he is planning to work on his first full-length project so if you’re looking for an artist to grow with over the years then look no further! 

Instagram Facebook Youtube

James Jackson | UK | Singer-Songwriter

Liverpool UK based singer-songwriter James Jackson
Image Credit: Eirinn O’Kane

With over 500 hours of experience playing live shows, James Jackson is no newbie on the music scene, he has pretty much grown up on the stage! Many have described this self-produced independent artist as being “something else” and it’s easy to see why his music is a passionate expression of personal experiences he has had. Some of his most memorable music achievements include playing Highest Point Festival in 2018; recording a live session at Media City as well as playing at several iconic venues across the UK. He has always said that his life changed for the better the first moment he picked up a guitar at just 8 years old, looking at his success over recent years it’s safe to say I agree with him on that! He draws on inspiration from different genres in the music industry but the fans of artists such as Ben Howard and Bon Iver would most definitely love the sound that James creates! Last month he released his most recent single, a track called Hunter that is now available on all streaming platforms along with his other music, be sure to follow his journey and check out his music! 

Website | Instagram Youtube

Do you have any recommendations for me to add to my next Music Mentions post? If so, drop them in the comments below!

Kelly xox

2 thoughts on “Music Mentions – 6th July 2020.

  1. These are all great artists and musicians 🙂 its wonderful when you can listen to someone that can speak through their music


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