Music Mentions – June 4th 2020.

Music Mentions; a series of posts with the aim of answering who to listen to next!

Music Mentions | Introduction

Following on from our first series where we introduced five artists for you to add to your playlists we are back with a second edition. Last time we explained that the aim of this post was to give you as readers inspiration for who to listen to next or who to add to your playlist; this second post is no different! Carry on reading to learn about five other artists you need to add to your playlist including general information, social links and so much more! This is the second in a series of post and this time we will focus on solo-artists or singer-songwriter from different places from around the world.

Lauren Lizabeth | USA | Country

Image credit: Lauren Lizabeth – Facebook Page!

Rhode Island native Lauren Lizabeth may only be young but her career in music started years before she made the move to Nashville. The first time she was recognised for her talent was in 2011 when she was nominated as Country Act of the Year by the New England Music Awards. Soon after graduating school she moved to New York for college then once she had a degree behind her she made the move to Nashville. Her debut single, To Be Young, received a wonderful reception and was played across 145 radio stations! Lauren was featured on the billboard country indicator charts for sixteen weeks; impressive when you think it was her debut single! The following year she was featured on a CBS show, The Young and the Restless, they also featured her original songs during that season! Wreck It, her new single was released last month and its one you should definitely check out! It captivates the true essence of love and pain so perfectly; what makes it even more beautiful is that Lauren wrote it from a personal experience! Having listened to both of these songs I feel connected to the stories she tells as an artist and I’m really excited to see what she brings out next! Be a part of Laurens journey and head over to the links below and download her music too!

Website | Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Tiger Lilly | UK | Pop/Rock

Image Credit: Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a unique British pop/rock artist who also has Persian roots; she has a very distinctive voice and since she started her career in music has released a number of albums! Her music including albums such as Memory Lane and Reflections are available for download on spotify and other streaming platforms! Back in 2010 she was deemed one of the most intoxicating independent artists in the UK and also was recognised as ‘Best Out of Area Act’ during Exposure Music Awards East! Her music has been aired on radio stations across the world including numerous BBC Radio stations! Having graced the stage at over 100 venues across the UK including 100 Club on Oxford Street and the Hard Rock Café London. Tiger Lilly is one of the most exciting independent artists in the UK right now. After taking a three year Tiger Lilly made her return to music by releasing Game Over in April; which shows the that although she has not been releasing anything new – she has definitely been developing her skills even more! As an artist the song she writes are simply beautiful songs and she delivers them with such passion and energy. The new release includes new song Game Over and a new version of one of her prior releases; Not Alone! Be sure to check her out on the links below!

Website | Spotify | Instagram

Jt Pearson | Canada | Country

Image Credit; JT Pearson Facebook Page

JT Pearson is another artist that bring his own distinct sound to the country music industry; his songs are the perfect mix of old school country, indie and pop. As you may know I have a love for artists who use music as their platform to share a story, even more so if the story is one that I can relate too. The journey to music has not been perfect, like many other artists JT has lived life variety of different ways from living in poverty, to living on the road to a regular nine to five. JT uses his life experiences to write authentic, honest and original songs that cover topics that we can all relate too such as love, loss as well as roads less travelled to name a few. Earlier this year he released Always Be a song he released earlier then planned to bring people some peace during all the chaos of the pandemic. Its a song that I find myself listening to most days because it makes me smile and reminisce on the good times. Dive Bar Love , his newest single, was released last month on May 29th too! Both of them are available for streaming on your chosen platform – you can also join JT on his journey by checking out the links below!

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Charlotte Young | UK | Country

Image credit; Charlotte Young

Charlotte is inspired by country music legends such as Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash; however she also loves modern day artists such as Miranda Lambert to name just one. The music that she writes is the perfect blend of old school country and modern country, some people have referred to her as the female Luke Combs. She writes about her own personal experiences but she also creates songs that are inspired by stories her friends have shared with her. The phrase “Three chords and the truth” is one that Charlotte has always believed in, even more so as an artist, and tries to use it in her song-writing. Having performed at a number of iconic venues such as The Flapper, The Actress and Bishop and The O2, to name a few, she has developed a passion for performing and simply thrives in that environment. Her debut single Whiplash was released back in March followed by her debut EP, Blown Away , which was released last month. If you like what you hear be sure to check her music out then follow her journey at the links below!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Tracie Lynn | USA | Country

Traice Lynn US Music Country Artist
Image credit Tracie Lynn

One of the newest members of the country music family in Nashville is Tracie Lynn who moved there only a few months ago from her home state of Virginia. For as long as she can remember music has been a huge part of her life and as an artist she hopes to create music that makes a statement. With the recent move to Nashville she has been able to finally spend more time in the studio with the talented Luke Wooten. This opportunity has already led to some great songs being released that give as insight into what to expect from her! Fat, Drunk and Pregnant was released earlier this year in February and If I’m Being Honest was released a couple months later in April! Both of these songs are available on all streaming platforms for you to download! One of my favourite things about her personally is the emotion I feel when listening to her songs, her voice is so powerful and puts the message of the songs across so beautiful, especially in If I’m Being Honest. Lets all go on over to the links below and show her some love!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Do you have any artist recommendations you think I should mention in my next Music Mentions post then let me know below!

Kelly xox

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17 thoughts on “Music Mentions – June 4th 2020.

  1. Awesome recs! I love country music so I like how many choices there are! Also, I feel stupid but I didn’t know there was country music in the UK lol. Thanks for this list!


    1. Its getting there over here thankfully due to festivals such as Country to Country and artists hearing how amazing it is to play here!


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