Self-care tip to try during lockdown!

Self-care pixabay image; Self-care tips to try during lockdown

Regardless of your situation in life before this lockdown; whether you were a student, full-time worker or stay at home parents; the current situation has forced us to make a number of changes. For the most part it is easy to see the lockdown as a positive opportunity to spend more time at home with your families! Its amazing that we now have this free time to spend with our families or focus on our hobbies; but its normal that some people may have had bad days. Its important to note that for some people this time has actually heightened their anxiety or caused other issues with their mental health. With so many restrictions and businesses closed routines have been changed; that includes self-care routines! However, they are more important now then they have ever been. Its really vital that we still take time to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first. If you are struggling to make time for yourself or finding a new self-care routine then here are some ideas you can try during this lockdown!

  • Self-care tip 1 – Get outside;

Now this sounds cliche and in some areas for a while there was even restrictions on this! However simply going outside can do you the world of good – especially if the weather is on your side! It is known to reduce stress and anxiety and as its a form of exercise even if you just walk, its overall great for your health!

Image credit: Travel & Tunes | Kelly Allen (me)
  • Self-care tip 2 – Put on a cute outfit and do your makeup;

This one is one is particularly important and I would recommend trying it a couple times a week; especially during lockdown! Its important that you do this for you, nobody else, though if you wish you can snap some shots and share them with others. You do not need to have a reason or give an explanation – its your choice to make! So go ahead, put that cute outfit on and take as many photos as you want!

  • Self-care tip 3 – Soak in a bubble bath;

Get your favourite bath bomb, bubble bath or whatever fancy product it is your using, run yourself a nice bath and just relax. There is no need to take anything with you, aside from maybe a couple candles and a glass (or cup) of your favourite drink; just simply lay back and relax. For added effect once you get out your bath then change your bedsheets – nothing beats a clean bed after a bath!

  • Self-care tip 4 – Order yourself a gift ;

Whether you usually spend your money on other people, meals out or salon appointments (to name a few) now is a great time to save money! That being said its important to still treat yourself every once in a while; so buy that new book, order that new dress or make improvements on your home – you deserve it!

  • Self-care tip 5 – Binge watch your favourite show;

This one really speaks for itself; if your able to do it alone or with others who will appreciate the show then that is great, if not then that is fine too. Slip into your comfiest pair of pjs, maybe even pull your blanket downstairs and prepare a selection of yummy snacks! Wrap yourself up in the blanket with snacks close by and watch as many episodes as you wish!

  • Bonus self-care tip for all animal lovers – Pet your cat or dog

As a huge animal lover this was obviously going to make my list somewhere, I mean I spend most the day with my cats! The great thing about this however is that not only does it make them happier but its beneficial to you in so many ways! I understand not everybody will have pets, but if you do then spend more of your time cuddling them!

Gizmo; cats are proven to benefit your health in a number of ways - pet them as often as you can!
Image Credit; Travel & Tunes – Kelly Allen (me)

The most important thing to remember during this time however is that this change is only temporary and you are far stronger than you give yourself credit for! I do not need to know you personally to know that you have got this, 100%!

Let me know any tips or tricks you have; lets make this a positive post that everybody can refer to when they need some encouragement! I look forward to hearing all about your self-care routines and if my blog helped you in the comments below!

Be back soon!

Kelly xox

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