Kelsey Bovey – Magnetic – Single Review ; Relatable record

Kelsey Bovey UK Country singer-songwriter bring out her new single, Magnetic, on May 22nd 2020

Artist:: Kelsey Bovey.

Song name: Magnetic.

Release Date: TOMORROW (22nd May 2020)

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Kelsey Bovey | Artist Introduction

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Kelsey Bovey is definitely one to watch. Music has been a part of her life since she was just eight years old; she has worked hard continuously to develop into the artist she is today. In 2019 she released her debut EP which was titled Its My Time which included the single, Define Me! The single charted at number 29 in the singer-songwriter charts on Itunes. The other songs on the EP cover topics that many people can relate too such as rumours or unhealthy relationships.

Following the release of that EP she was labelled as an emerging artist to watch by Duggystone Radios. In addition to that, she joined forces with Scarlet River Management who supported her with making big plans for 2020. She was also nominated or Fair Play Modern Country Female Vocalist & songwriter of the year; the result for this will be out later this year in November. There are a number of artists who inspire her such as Ariana Grande and Jess Glynne. The reason they inspire her is because they create music that she herself hopes to create; music that is empowering and honest. She hopes that by using personal experiences she will be able to create songs that other people will relate too.

Kelsey Bovey Magnetic single review!
Image credit: Kelsey Bovey Press Release for Magnetic.

Magnetic | New Release

Her new single, Magnetic, is set to drop tomorrow (May 22nd 2020) – and this is one you do not want to miss! It was recorded and produced by Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi at Puzzle Maker Studios. The story behind Magnetic focuses on the feelings of fear we have all experienced in new relationships in someway. Personally I felt that it could be a response to feelings caused by unhealthy relationships; a topic she covered in her song Lady In Red. It touches on the fears we experience of falling in love with somebody who may not feel the same. This is something we have all felt and the track is so cleverly written, produced and performed that it can be applied to all stories or situations. On the other hand, it is a upbeat, honest, relatable and catch tune that tells a powerful story but also brings us hope. Its a solid 10/10 track, there is no doubt about that. It posses all the ingredients for an incredible track -including an exceptional vocal performance by an amazing young artist!


Overall, YOU need to hear this song as soon as possible – that is just how mesmerising it is! Pre-order Magnetic now on your chosen streaming platform and be prepared to be hooked! I can almost guarantee you will be drawn to it! In addition to that, follow Kelsey on her journey in music by following her social links above!

First, I would like to thank you for reading and ask you to tell me about a song that you relate too? Secondly, let me know below if you have pre-ordered the track or followed Kelsey!

Kelly xox

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