Music Mentions – May 4th 2020.

Music Mentions; a series of posts with the aim of answering who to listen to next!

Introducing: Music Mentions!

The music industry is constantly growing – every day we hear of new artists breaking into the charts such as Bob Fitzgerald who was featured in one of my recent posts! On top of the new artists breaking into the industry we also have our favourite artists who will bring out new music! Regardless of the genre of music or individual preferences we are immersed in a world of option and deciding which ones to choose is often difficult.

This is the first in a series of posts which aims to answer the question all music lovers have “who can I listen to next?” Read on to find out about some artists including general information, new releases, social links and any other important information!

Justin Fancy: Canada: Singer/Songwriter

Canadian native singer/songwriter Justin Fancy from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland is not new to music! For over ten year he has been involved in the music scene, especially around St Johns, Newfoundland. He is known for singing just about any song from across a range of different genres! Growing up Justin was drawn to legends of country music such as Merle Haggard who created songs that told powerful stories. As an artist he hopes to explore the complex principle of human emotion, not just in his songs but also in the way he performs them. As a introduction into his upcoming debut album, Fancy has released two singles; Long Time Comin’ and Think About You! Both songs demonstrate his ability as a writer, performer and storyteller in different ways which has me excited for the upcoming album! Check out his music on your favourite streaming platform and follow his social links to stay up to date with new releases, tours and more!
Website | Instagram | Facebook |Twitter | Youtube

Amanda McCarthy: USA: Singer/Songwriter

With her plans to move to Nashville this fall, New England Native, Amanda McCarthy is ready to carve her name into the minds of music lovers all around the world! Having once suffered from stage freight Amanda constantly looks for ways to step outside of her comfort zone with many now describing her as fearless. Folk Song, a piece that quickly became a fan-favourite, shows just how fearless she is and focuses on the topic of discrimination in the music industry. She has no intentions of labelling herself or putting herself in a box with hopes of creating music that just speaks to people. Road Trip, an album she released last year, blends together reality and fantasy as she shares personal tracks which give us an insight into her life. By wearing her heart on her sleeve and opening herself up to the world she has developed a music that we can all relate too, her song Solo is one of my favourites! She is hoping to release the B-Side to Road Trip this summer which will include one of her newest singles, Steven. If you like music that speaks to you then you definitely need to check her out; her music is available on streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify – to learn more about her and follow her journey check out her social links below!
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Autumn Helene – USA – Singer/Songwriter

At just thirteen years old Autumn Helene is already experienced in performing having played shows at festivals, fairs, parties and more across Washington state. Furthermore, her debut single – You Wont Regret a Thing was her response to being bullied, that song led to her becoming one of the youngest composers on imdb as it will be used in upcoming show, Hunting Jessica. For somebody so young to write pieces of music that are so emotive, powerful and well written is amazing, its easy to forget that she is so young! Often compared to big names in the industry such as Adele or Billie Eilish the future is already looking very bright for this youngster. Her most recent release Stars Align has been played on radios all around the world. She is hoping to continue to put out new music and can’t wait to get back on the road once the current situation has improved. Her music is all available on a number of streaming platforms as well as Youtube so be sure to check it out. To follow her story then follow her social links below!

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Boxes – UK – Band

With the recent release of their debut EP, Why Don’t You Listen, a new Manchester country rock band, Boxes, have had a whirlwind start to 2020 for all the right reasons! They are a four piece band which consists of David Miller – lead singer & acoustic guitar, Josh Smith – electric guitar & backing vocals, Tom Adams – bass guitar & backing vocals and James Saunders – drum and beat man. Their journey of the band started a number of years ago but the band as we see it today have been together for around a year! Labelled by others from the industry as “Nashville-Upon-Irwell” its clear that there music is inspired by old-school country, rock but also their northern roots! As a band Boxes are heavily focused on lyrics or the stories behind the songs which can be heard in tracks like Fragile as well as Let Me In. Vocally speaking their harmonies sound absolutely incredible – especially in the Electric Light which secured the band some radio play! As they are newcomers on the block you will be joining them from the start so remember to follow their social links below! Their music is available on your favourite streaming platforms – so be sure to download it.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Crystalline – UK – Band

In the almost three years that Crystalline have been together they have worked on developing their music style. The five piece rock band cant pinpoint a particular career highlight as many great things have happened to them over the years! However, the reaction and response they received from their most recent release, Til The Sun Comes Up, as well as their headline show in March has definitely been memorable for them! Based in Wales the band current members are; Elliot Packham on drums, Ed Thomas on bass guitar, Sion Harling on rhythm guitar, Amir Maleki on lead guitar and Eva Mullen on lead vocals! The progression they have made as a band is clear when you compare the release from 2018 to the most recent release but nonetheless their sound is incredible for those who love rock music! You can download their music on your favourite streaming platform and their most recent release also has a music video on youtube! Check out the links below to join them on their road to music!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Comment below which artist you chose to listen to and let me know what you thought! Check back soon for new music mentions!

Kelly xox

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12 thoughts on “Music Mentions – May 4th 2020.

    1. Thank you! I have a new post coming the start of next week, same style! If you’d like to suggest an artist to include!?


    1. You’re more than welcome! Boxes are local to my town so I had to include them! Do you have a local band to you that you think deserves some recognition?


    1. Music can motivate us all! We just have to find artists who we connect with! Let me know if you found any you like!


    1. I hope you like them! I’ll be posting another tomorrow or Tuesday! You can follow my blog if you’d like! You can also feel free to suggest artists I should include!


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