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Claire Beverly

Where is she from:
Nashville native living in South Carolina

Memorable music memories:

At seven years old she was told by a popular girl to never sing so didn’t for 11 years!

Her first concert was Halsey – even though she was sat in the nosebleeds she felt as though Halsey was right there due to how she carried her vocals and performed. It was this concert she realised she wanted to be that way too as an artist.

Singing ‘Blessed Assurance’ at Myrtle Beach when she made a connection with an elderly man over his story about his late wife and thanked her – its one thing she’ll never forget!

Social Links for Claire Beverly
Website | Instagram Facebook Twitter | Youtube

Amber Eyes

Claire Beverly | Artist Introduction

For a lot of people in the music industry they have an artist or song that changed their life in someway, for Claire Beverly this is no different. Her number one favourite artist is Elvis Presley, its been that way for as long as she can remember. His track, Heartbreak Hotel, really sharped her career in music. She started playing Piano at a young age but it took her until three years ago to focus on songwriting and singing. She is hoping to create honest music that does not limit her to one genre but instead tells a story of her personal feelings, experiences and moods.

The road to music however was not easy for Claire Beverly who like many other artists faced rejection. At just seven years old she was told by popular girls in her school who held their own version of ‘American Idol’ that she shouldn’t even try to sing. From that moment until the age of eighteen she did not sing a word! When she decided to start singing again, she was shocked by how some artists would treat one another. Luckily for Claire she signed with Charlotte Avenue Entertainment where she works with Michelle and Will Gawley who are extremely kind and supportive. In addition to that she found a group of wonderful artists from the same agency who have provided her with the encouragement and positive motivation she needed to continue her music career.

Creative Process

Her creative process is one that Claire admits is a little strange – inspiration for a new piece of music often comes to her at inconvenient times such as at work or when she should be sleeping. Trainwreck, one of her most popular songs was one that first came to life in her dream – it was one of those moments she woke up and just HAD to finish it! One of her favourite places to write is at work as she feels the most creative there, the only negative is she never has an instrument with her!

Whats more important to her then genre is the ability to connect with her audience through songs that tell an honest story. She hopes to build a similar connection to her audience as the one she felt with Halsey when she went to her first ever concert. Her first experience of creating a special moment came when she performed, Blessed Assurance, in Myrtle Beach! Following her performance an elderly gentlemen shared the story of his late wife and how he would sing that song to her, its a moment that Claire will never forget it! As mentioned before she hopes to create music that is not genre specific and so far has done just that, creating music under a range of genres such as Rock, Folk, Alternative, and Pop. One day she would love the opportunity to open for Harry Styles, another artist who has worked across many genres, because she admires his ability to just be himself.

Amber Eyes & Trainwreck | Most recent release

In addition to Trainwreck Claire Beverly has a number of other songs available such as her most recent single, Amber Eyes which came out in March 2020! There is a clear difference between both Trainwreck and Amber Eyes – but two elements remains consistent; a strong vocal performance and a emotional connection to the songs. As Amber Eyes is her most recent single read on to find out what I thought:

I could keep this extremely simple by admitting that Amber Eyes is the song that has been missing from my life. That statement alone should be enough to tell you that this is an incredible piece of music! However, let me dive into that a little deeper, the way I interpret this song makes me feel that Claire really understands part of my story in a way that no other artist has. The song itself is very simple yet still very touching. The music is soothing which perfectly matches her soft yet emotionally powerful vocals – overall, its just an incredible song.

Summary of Claire Beverly

Claire is one of those artist that has a true talent not just for telling her story but for finding the perfect balance between genres meaning her music will speak to a larger audience! If you like what you hear, please download her music on all streaming platforms!

Some exciting news! This year she plans to bring out her second EP to join Claire on her journey and be amongst the first to hear about any confirmed dates for release then follow her social links above!!

Tell me about a special connection you built with an artist or song below!

Kelly xox

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