Danny McMahon ; Introducing UK Music

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Danny McMahon.

Where is he from:
Bristol, UK.

Career Highlights for Danny McMahon:

Winning UK Country Artist of the Year 2019!

Playing shows in Nashville and across the US as well as recording there!

His single, When I See You, reaching number 1 on the UK country music charts as well as winning UK Country song of the Year and being nominated for BCMA video of the year!

Social Links for Danny McMahon:

Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube

Preorder for MY KINDA CITY available MAY 1st, read on to learn more!

Danny McMahon | Artist Introduction

When we listen to music we often build a connection to that artist, sometimes we relate to the song, sometimes their story inspires us to chase our own dreams. For Danny McMahon, a UK singer-songwriter, he connected with the music of Brad Paisley, this connection led to him developing a great passion for country music. The stories behind the songs of artists like Brad Paisley carried strong emotions and covered topics Danny could relate to. If you have heard any of the music Danny himself has released you will know that he aims to create similar music with strong emotion and relatable stories. Danny started his career as a songwriter a number of years ago working as a commercial writer for Paramount Songwriting. After attending the UK Country to Country music festival in 2017 Danny was motivated to develop his music further.

Music Career & Growth

With his new found inspiration in addition to his growing passion for country music Danny released his debut EP, Making Memories, in November 2017. Less than a year later in June 2018 he released his second EP, Momentarily, this was followed by his single, When I See You, just a few months later. That single became his first number one in the UK country music charts – it was nominated for BCMA video of the year as well as winning country song of the year award. 2018 was an extremely busy year for him with a headline a tour across the UK, a slot at buckle & boots as well as support slots for a number US artists such as Canaan Cox and Charlie Worsham. Ending that year on a high Danny visited Nashville where he recorded with 5-time Grammy nominated & 27 dove nominated songwriter & producer Billy Smiley!

Building on the momentum 2019 saw the release of yet another amazing EP, Boys Cry Too, which included the number 1 song, When I See You. As well as that song receiving awards Danny himself was recognised as the UK Country artist of the year! He continued to play shows across the world with appearances in Italy, Sweden, Nashville and more! November saw the release of his single, Lonely, another wonderful piece of music, which reached number 4 in the UK country music charts!

Storytelling and Songwriting

One thing that has become apparent in all of his music is that he is extremely gifted in the art of storytelling, music and performing. As a songwriter he has the ability to create a clear picture for the listeners which takes them on a journey through the story of that specific track. The fact he brings out new music fairly regularly suggests that he has a lot to say whether it be linked romance, reflection or other aspects of life which are easy for us all to relate too. Although he is inspired by a range of artists such as Brad Paisley, Russell Dickerson and Sam Hunt, he creates a sound that is unique to him, a sound so distinctive that when you hear his music, you just know its him!

Danny McMahon | My Kinda City | New Release

The last twelve months have been heavily focused travelling across the world to perform, a concept that his new upcoming single, My Kinda City, explores. The track was written during the last trip Danny took to Nashville in October 2019 with an amazing Nashville based singer-songwriter, Tyler Bank. Its a modern country pop upbeat track that has you hooked from the moment the music starts until the moment it ends. The story is about more than just travelling around the world, its about having that special somebody or place that to call home. The beat is enough alone to capture your attention but the lyrics as well as how Danny performs it have you mesmerised. The incredible thing about Danny is that he is not just a singer-songwriter, he produced this track himself too and has produced music for other artists such as Bob Fitzgerald who was featured in my last post! Pre-order starts tomorrow with the release date set or May 15th, so be sure to head to spotify, apple music or amazon music tomorrow so you can be amongst the first to hear this spectacular single.


Release date: May 15th 2020

Introducing, Music & Memories, UK, country, singer-songwriter, Danny McMahon, single release cover, single release work, music blog
Image Credit: Danny Mcmahon

To join Danny on his adventure in the country music world then follow him on his social accounts which are linked at the start of this post, download his music and preorder MY KINDA CITY! Let me know below who your special person or place is!

Kelly xox

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