Bob Fitzgerald; Introducing UK Music

Introducing, Music & Memories, UK, country, singer-songwriter, Bob Fitzgerald, EP cover, EP work, music blog
Introducing, Music & Memories, UK, country, singer-songwriter, Bob Fitzgerald, new artist, music blog
Image Credit: Bob Fitzgerald

Bob Fitzgerald.

Where is he from:
South Wales, UK.

Career Highlights for Bob Fitzgerald:

A cassette tape his parents bought in 1984 is the soundtrack to his life & career.

Working with Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi in 2019 to record his music at Puzzle Makers Studios.

His debut EP, Another Highway, was in the top 40 for main albums & number 1 for country albums on Itunes!

Social Linksfor Bob Fitzgerald:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Debut EP, Another Highway, was released on April 24th – check it out!

Bob Fitzgerald | Artist Introductions

When we think of country music we often think of Nashville, otherwise known as music city – but in recent years the industry has seen tremendous growth across the UK and Europe. Its hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the growth over the last ten or so years, there are a number of aspects that could have played a role in it. The show ‘Nashville’ first hit our screens in 2012 followed by the launch of a popular country music festival, country to country, in 2013. A number of US artists such as Carrie Underwood, Kip Moore and more have even headlined their own tours here in the UK over the years. New US artists also can’t wait to come over to the UK as they hear nothing but good vibes from artists who have played shows here!

Its easy to say that the last ten years have seen a growing audience – this has resulted in a number of home grown UK country artists such as Ward Thomas, Laura Oakes, Holloway Road and more. Born and raised in South Wales, singer-songwriter Bob Fitzgerald, is one of the newest UK artists to break into the UK country music scene! In 1984 his parents bought a cassette tape of the Eagles – Greatest hits, its one that he believes is the soundtrack to his life – including his career in music. To think this cassette tape led him to where he is in life today is a little crazy – it shows how the small things can change your life.

Running from the Rain | Debut Single

Running from the Rain was released on March 6th 2020 giving us a taste of what to expect from him as an artist. Running from the Rain also provided us with an opportunity to listen to how Bob would mix different genres of music to create a sound unique to him. His aim with his music is to create music that would stick in the minds of all those who listen to his music, whether it be the catchy lyrics or phenomenal vocal performance – he certainly did that with Running from the Rain. The single was recorded and produced at Puzzle Maker Studios where Bobs single, along with his EP, were produced by an award winning team – fellow country artist Danny McMahon (who will be featured in a few days) and Andrea Succi. In addition to working with Puzzle Maker Studios, he also started collaborating with Scarlet River Management to make plans for a UK tour which would promote his debut EP.

As an artist Bob is focused on creating a sound that is unique. If you take different aspects from artists like Eagles, Keith Urban, George Straight, Midland as well as Bon Jovi and mix them together then you have an insight to the sort of sound you can expect. As discussed previously in this post its the right mixture of different genres but with a real authentic country twist. Lyrically speaking his songs tell a story whether it be of a good time, a loss, love or life in general – the music he creates is something we can all relate too one way or another.

Another Highway | Debut EP

April 24th 2020 saw the release of his debut EP, Another Highway, which received an excellent reception! On release day his EP went in a number 2 on country music charts and number 29 on the main album charts, this means he was top 40 for both on Itunes! As a new artist releasing his first ever EP this was incredible alone but it was about to get much better, on April 25th, so one day after release his EP jumped into the number 1 spot ahead of artists such as The Shires and Lucinda Williams! To finish this post lets talk about the different songs on the EP!

One of These Nights
You may be looking for a song to add to your road trip play list – look no further, this catchy tune is exactly what you need. Its one of those feel good kinda songs.
Running from the Rain
This is the single he released in March, starting with the sound of rain helps us paint a clear image of the story behind the song. The perfect mix of guitar and vocals to create a perfect country tune!
She’ll Do
My personal favourite from the EP is this acoustic track, it starts and remains much calmer then the first two tracks but still showcases Bobs amazing musical ability. The lyrics tell a story that many could relate too.
The beat reminded me of artists like Keith Urban or Kip Moore, its one of those songs that you will find yourself humming along with, maybe add this one to your road trip play list as well!

Listen to his EP and single on your favourite streaming platform now!

To get new updates regarding music, tours or his career in general you can follow him on the links above! If this is the first time you’ve heard about him then give his music a listen and let me know what you think below! As mentioned before, Danny McMahon, who was part of the team who worked with Bob to produce his wonderful debut EP, will be featured in my blog later this week! Be sure to check back – you won’t regret it!

Who is your favourite UK country artist?!

Kelly xox

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