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Briana Tyson

Where is she from:
South California but living in Nashville.

Career Highlights for Briana Tyson:

Touring and opening for Vince Gill – especially a show in Florida that she’ll never forget.

Prank she played on Neal McCoy while touring with him.

Meeting Celine Dion and harmonising with her when she was just 14!

Social Links for Briana Tyson:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Briana Tyson | Artist Introduction

For Briana Tyson there was never a question about whether music would be a part of her life or not, it had been part of her daily life since she was around four years old! By the age of eleven she had already created her first album and is the first to admit that music is what she was put on earth to do. The California native was just sixteen when she started working on a record deal which led to her family making the move to Nashville. That deal however fell through but the family made the decision to stay in Nashville so that Briana could continue to chase her dream. Luckily, three years later at just nineteen she signed with William Morris Agency – this led to one of her most memorable music memories opening for Vince Gill at a packed out theatre in Florida. This moment is one that she will never forget as it was at a time where she was doubting herself – she performed a original song and received a standing ovation which moved her to tears. She admits she was out touring or playing a show almost every weekend including touring with other artists such as Craig Morgan and Neal McCoy.

Fast forward a few years and Briana eventually decided that country music wasn’t for her so made the decision to try out the world of LA pop, however quickly decided that wasn’t exactly the right fit for her either. Today Briana is making a living by producing demo or studio recordings while still creating music such as her recent single, Nobody’s Gonna Love You, which is available to stream on your favourite platforms! She admits her goal is just to produce ‘good music’ without it necessarily fitting into one specific genre. A lot of this goal comes from one of her inspirations in music, John Mayer, an artist that one day she hopes to join on the road. John Mayer is known for creating music that he wants to release without having a specific type of music in mind.

Creative Process & Songwriting

The creative process for Briana is one that differs depending on the song she is working on, sometimes she starts with the lyrics and others she starts with the melody. She added that when working on her most recent single, Nobody’s Gonna Love You, they had the melody and hook figured out way before adding any of the other lyrics. Her recent single gives you an insight and taste of the talent this young woman has – but what if I told you that when she was just fourteen she sang in front of Celine Dion who ended up harmonising with her? When you put that together with the different artists she has toured with or hopes to tour with then its clear to see that she is not going to fit herself into any specific type of music.

The one thing that has taken Briana by surprise during her time in the industry is a sensitive topic for her. The lack of respect female artists or producers get is something a number of artists, including Briana, have voiced as a concern. Its something Briana hopes to spread more awareness for in the hopes that one day the women of the industry get the respect, air time and recognition they deserve!

Nobody’s Gonna Love You | Recent Release

As an artist she is using this current time to work on new songs with the hopes of releasing a couple new singles in the not to distant future! Music is not the only thing keeping her busy though as she is about to start hosting a new podcast as well as being in talks about being involved with a new show that neither her or I can disclose at this time. Once this situation has smoothed over it seems as though this talented young lady will have a busy and bright future. She is eager to continue her journey in the music industry as well as in general, furthermore she is extremely thankful for the support and love she has been shown over the years.

As mentioned before her single, Nobody’s Gonna Love You, which was released on April 17th, is available to stream on your favourite platforms right now! If you want to join Briana on her journey then you can do so by following her social media accounts that are linked above!

Let me know what you think of her song below and be sure to check back in the future for more reviews and news on her latest releases!

Kelly xox

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