Children of the State; Introducing UK Music

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Introducing Children of the State:
John McCullagh – Lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Nathan Keeble – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Harry Eland – Keys
Conor O’Reilly – Drums
Corey Clifton – Bass guitar.

Where are they from:
Yorkshire & Derbyshire, UK.

Career Highlights for Children of the State:

Debut EP ‘Kill Your Darlings’ was released in July 2018.

Playing tramlines in starting with Crystal stage in 2018, Leadmill stage 2019 to the main stage for 2020.

Recording with Ian Skelly at the Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

Social Links for Children of the State:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Children of the State | Artist Introduction

In the modern day music industry artists or bands can go one of two ways – they can find a gap in an existing market or create their own, its important to note there is no right or wrong here. Finding a gap in an existing market is about creating music other people would want to hear with catchy choruses and stories the audience can relate too. Creating a niche market focuses on the elements of your band that are unique and developing a distinct sound and story that is missing from the industry. Children of the State, a five piece self proclaimed ‘peyote punk’ band have definitely focused on establishing their own market for their music – but also do it in a way that interests the existing markets. With inspirations from different eras; 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, its clear that the band are sculpting a unique authentic sound with perfect mixture of different decades.

Children of the State, which consists of members – John McCullagh, Nathan Keeble, Harry Eland, Conor O’Reilly and Corey Clifton, originally started as a four piece with Harry being the last one to join the band as their sound developed more over time. One of the easiest ways to see just how much they have grown over the years is their progression at festivals such as tramlines! In 2018 they played at tramlines on Crystal stage, 2019 they got a slot on the Leadmill stage and this year they are set to play on the main stage. Naturally John (and myself) expect that its only a matter of time until they’re headlining one of the nights on the main stage!

Kill Your Darlings | Debut EP

Prior to their 2018 debut at Tramlines the band, who at that time was four piece, released ‘Kill Your Darlings’ which was their first EP. With tracks such as Tomorrow we’ll drift and the title track, Kill Your Darlings, Children of the State showcased their music, ability and talent perfectly. Following their first EP and their debut at Tramilnes in 2018 – in 2019 they released their second EP titled ‘Gideon’s Bible’ with tracks featured such as my personal favourites Sail and I Shiver When I Burn. In my opinion their music has gone from strength to strength. Their latest single, Big Sur, a song produced by Ian Skelly at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool which was released earlier this month on April 10th. Big Sur is the uplifting song we all need right now with a meaning behind it that we can all relate too, especially at this time – the desire to go to the beach! Every single time they release new music it just get better!

Big Sur | New Release

In my opinion, the best thing about Children of the State is that they haven’t really stopped since they got the momentum going giving their fans enough to keep them hooked but not too much that they get bored – even though Big Sur has only been out for a little over two weeks I’m already eager to hear more music by them! All being well I’m hoping to catch them live at some point this year and do a review of them live, so keep an eye out for that. With Johns vocals and the musical ability of every other member in the band its clear that the future is bright for these guys. To put it simply, if the last few years are anything to go off then I think we all can just accept now that these guys are about to take the world by storm!

Furthermore, if you are stuck at home thinking over creating a new playlist to get you through working from home, working out, cooking, cleaning or whatever it is you’re doing these days then do me a favour, add Children of the State to it! You’ll love them, I’m sure. If you’re able too then be sure to support them by streaming their music, buying their merch, following their social accounts above and sharing their music with friends & family!

My first time hearing Children of the State was in 2019 at Tramlines music festival, if you went to Tramlines last year did you hear them?

Kelly xox

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