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Introducing: Liv Dawn


Career Highlights for Liv Dawn: 

Releasing her first single ‘Reason’ during the summer 2019!

Finalist of the BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter of the year awards 2019!

Supporting Tom Walker on his recent UK ‘home run’ tour!

Social links for Liv Dawn: Website Instagram FacebookTwitter

Singing around the house is something a number of us are guilty of doing (I know I am) but for some that is exactly how they started out. Liv Dawn admits that from a young age she was always singing but until late in her school life she would only do so in front of her family. During high school however this all changed when she studied music and eventually grew the confidence to sing solo – from there it just progressed. In the years that followed that confidence grew which led her to achieving some remarkable accomplishments in her music career.

Music is often a powerful tool which allows the artist to create a special connection with their audience – for Liv, like many artists this connection is extremely valuable. The lyrics of the song often tell a story of a situation the audience will relate too in some way, for example – relationships, love or even just day to day life, these are topics which Liv often covers in her music. Music however, as we know, is not just about the story behind it, the way its performed is also vital – the performance Liv makes when she sing is nothing shy of incredible.One of the aspects that she keeps the same across her lyrics and performances is the emotion, that element alone is enough to captivate the audience without mentioning her incredibly strong vocal performance.

She used her powerful emotional performances along with her captivating lyrics to her advantage when she took part in the BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter of the year awards 2019! Taking part in the awards catapulted her into the middle of the Scottish music scene and gained her a lot of additional press as they were promoted across the BBC Radio Scotland platforms. She has performed at many venues and festivals across Scotland, including Saint Lukes in Glasgow where she performed as a finalist of the BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter of the Year Awards 2019!

Taking inspiration from popular artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Ed Sheeran and more she was able to develop a songwriting technique that worked well for her. This was showcased in her debut single ‘Reason’ that was released in the summer of 2019, shortly before her participation in the BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter of the Year Awards. Following the release of her debut single plus the additional press from the awards she was invited to open at the Forres show for Tom Walker which was part of his ‘Home Run’ acoustic tour.

2019 seen a lot of changes and press attention for Liv Dawn which she hopes to continue to build on by becoming a honest artist that the audience or listeners can connect or relate too. In addition to becoming an honest artist she has plans to tour, release albums and create a future for herself in the music industry.

Basically, I genuinely believe that 2019 was only a insight into the career that this incredibly talented artist is going to have – you will be seeing a lot more of Liv Dawn – In my opinion she is one to watch! Be sure to check out her social media links that I added above so you can keep up to date with any news relating to her music!

For now; download and stream her single, Reason, and let me know what you think.

Kelly xox

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