Introducing Nashville – Royal Northern College of Music – Review – October 16th 2019

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Main Show/Writers Round: Rachel Wammack, Travis Denning, Walker Hayes & Danielle Bradbery.

Support Act: Holloway Road.

Venue: RNCM, Manchester.

Date: October 16th 2019.

Camera Used: Huawei P20 Phone

Holloway Road

Social links for Holloway Road: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

RATE: 9/10

Holloway Road have built their own image of what country music looks like straying away from the typical boots and hats. Their look is one thing many remember about the duo, but there are many other factors that make them stand out! What I noticed about vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Jack Cooper and Robert Gulston is the chemistry they had with one another on stage. The chemistry is outlined by their obvious passion when interacting with the audience as well as the energy they give to every single song (and performance).

Their set included songs such as Reckless, Get the Girl and Lightning – each of which was performed perfectly. Even if you’re not familiar with their songs, this essex-based duo will have you singing along in no time. They typically tour with their band which I’ve heard only positive reviews about however I’ve yet to be so lucky to see a full band performance. On the other hand, I’ve seen the duo twice now without a band and on both occasions they have put on a great show.

Overall, both as an opener and headliner Holloway Road can get the crowd in the mood for a show! Their relationship is clearly a big part of their performance, career as well as their songs in general – and its a incredible thing to see. As I have stated a number of times they are leaving their own unique mark on the country music industry.

If you’re looking for a UK based country band with their own image then be sure to check Holloway Road out on the social links above. The links will also provide you with the opportunity to keep up to date with news related to the band including upcoming shows or new music.

Writers Round

Introducing Nashville was launched with the hopes of providing country fans all over the world with a type of event popular in music city – Nashville. Its no surprise such a event is now available in cities across the globe, even if it is just every so often, as country music has become more popular around the world in recent years.

All four artists were on the stage, which is obvious considering the style of event it was, however it was incredible to see how supportive they were of one another during performances. For those who are not familiar with writers rounds the artists take it in turns to share the stories behind the songs they perform giving the audience a way to gain understanding – as well as maybe gain a deeper connection, to the songs of the artists. The event I attended in Manchester on October 16th 2019 had an amazing line-up bringing country artists Rachel Wammack, Travis Denning, Walker Hayes and Danielle Bradbery to the stage. To start I will mention that I believe each of these artists bring their own unique style, sound and stories to country music.

Social links for Rachel Wammack: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

RATE: 10+/10

For the first time ever, I’ve struggled finding the right words for this artist. Rachel Wammack is one of those artists I’ve been waiting to see for what feels like a long time, due to the connection I feel to most of her songs. When you build a strong connection with any song (or artist) it can be difficult to hear it live due to having extremely high expectations. I’ll be the first to admit on many occasions I’ve doubted an artist could perform a song to my level of expectations; sometimes I’ve been right and others I’ve been wrong. With Rachel, I was wrong. She far exceeded any expectations I had with every track she sang including two of my personal favourites closure and damage. The performance was all that more powerful live as you could not only hear the emotion but see it too. It was obvious that as an artist Rachel felt a connection to the lyrics she was sharing.

Rachel is an Alabama native who signed to Sony Music Nashville last year releasing her EP in April followed by Damage during the summer of 2018. Considering she is a fairly new artist she has taken the industry by storm finding her own unique place in the market. The Manchester crowd seemed to warm to her falling for her powerful vocals, beautiful ballads as well as incredible stories she shared about her songs. She also sang her most recent single called Something People Say as well as an unreleased track, both of them have the potential to be a hit! I won’t give you all too much information on that unreleased track but I will say she wrote it for her husband, it is a story many of us will find a connection too in someway – I’m hoping she releases it soon!

Overall, in my opinion her performance of Damage was perhaps the most beautiful live performance I’ve ever seen by any artist! The way she performed that song took the connection I felt to the track to a whole new level. It was phenomenal. This woman is on a journey to a very exciting place and if you want to join her on that journey then be sure to check out her social media links above to follow her career.

Social links for Travis Denning: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

RATE: 10/10

Until March of this year I had no idea who Georgia boy Travis Denning was, thankfully I was lucky enough to see his set at Country to Country. It took one song for me to realise what I had been missing – but its not just his singing – his talent is far beyond that. You may have heard of the song Her World or Mine a hit recorded by Michael Ray – well, Denning had his own input on that song. As one of my favourite all time country songs I was excited to hear his version of it which he performed during the writers round; it was beautifully performed with his vocals and guitar being the only two sounds we could hear. Furthermore he even joked around about how he was “the happy one in that song” showing the audience that he liked to joke around a little.

One song by Travis that has always stuck out for me is David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs – Its just that type of song you have to tap your feet and sing along too. The song may be about a fake ID but for Denning there is more to it – something we could all relate too.  The desire to reach a new age or time in life so as you can take part in something that at the time seems more exciting such as driving or drinking. For me, the song took on a different meaning after hearing his story behind the song as it is a topic I can relate too more than having a fake ID.

He also performed another track about drinking  which I believe was titled I know where its going.  A track about enjoying a drink and a good time – even if you don’t always know where its come from. Personally I feel, this song as well as David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs outlines the kind of guy that Travis is – the kind who likes to have a good time. I also believe he likes to be the one who provides others with that good time through his songs. He really is fun to watch, be sure to check him out through his social media links above – you will not regret it!

Social links for Walker Hayes: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

RATE: 9/10

Out of the four artists Walker Hayes was the one I was least familiar with which is the only reason he scored a little lower than the others. I find music easier to enjoy if I know it – but I have since downloaded all of his available records, plus when he returns I will be at his show for sure!

One thing that became apparent quite quickly is the love Walker has for his family and the motivation they gave him to keep chasing his dream. This is showcased in a song called Lela’s Stars which is about a time Walker was struggling to figure out what to do – to give up or keep chasing his dream. Thanks to his daughter he continued to pursue his career and wrote this beautiful track – it was so incredible I had goosebumps. He also performed his most recent single, Don’t Let Her, a song he wrote about what he would want for his wife if something was to happen to him. Its the type of track we could all relate too if we have or have had a special somebody in our lives. It also has funny lyrics to it which seemed to make the crowd laugh while at the RNCM in Manchester.

Your Girlfriend Does also shown the audience the comical side to Walker which was wrote about a real life experience he had with a “hater” on social media. I personally think that lyrically this song is perfect – it discusses something that people may have dealt with but also lets them know they’re not alone. On the other hand, it also provides us with the best way to deal with it – to ignore it and write a track about how we wont let it get us down! As I said I wasn’t really familiar with Walker Hayes or his music prior to this event but I’m so happy that this writers round gave me the opportunity to learn more about a fantastic artist. If like me you’re not familiar with him check him out on the links above, download his music and get to a show near you as soon as your able too!

Social links for Danielle Bredbery: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

RATE: 10/10

Danielle Bredbery is no stranger to the spotlight as her career began when she was crowned the winner of season four of the Voice. What is even more incredible is that at the time of that win she was the youngest ever winner of the show. As an artist she has a diverse selection of songs which all have a story of their own yet are all in someway connected to Danielle on a personal level. Many have said she is like a young Carrie Underwood but I personally believe that her music has a very unique sound of its own. On the other hand, she is likely not disappointed with being compared to one of her inspirations in the music industry and I do see some similarities between the stars. The main similarity is how the two of them became artist through talent competitions – but as mentioned I believe Bredbery has implemented her own style to her music.

Her song Worth It serves as a reminder to everybody that regardless of the issues we face or flaws we believe we have, we are worth it. The performance was very heartfelt and passionate which shows that as an artist Danielle has a personal connection to the story of the song. The connection was confirmed when she mentioned the story behind the song prior to performing it. Personally, this track has been important to me since it was released as it reminds to know my worth while also surrounding myself with people who know it too. Its a phenomenal track both live and recorded.

We all have those people in our life we thought would be our forever, those people who we gave our all but soon realised they wasn’t our meant to be. Moreover, in our life we will meet (or maybe you have already met) the one person who teaches us what real love is meant to be like which is what this new unreleased track by Danielle is about. Never Have I Ever touches on the feelings we have when we finally find somebody who will love us in the way we have longed to be loved our whole life. I can’t wait for this song to be available to stream! It is a really catchy tune too which will have you singing along in no time – especially if you can personally connect to it.

When you hear Danielle sing Sway you will realise exactly what you need to do. She puts you at ease quite quickly with her vocals making you feel relaxed and easing you into swaying along. Its a simple track really which reminds us sometimes all we really need to do is sway. Overall, my favourite thing about Danielle is how she writes tracks which compliment her vocals yet also tell the story of places she has been in her life helping us as an audience to realise we are not alone. If you would like to find out more about Danielle including when she is next in your area then please check her out on the links above.

What connection do you have to a song you like?! Let me know below. ❤

Kelly xox

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