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Band Name: Cassia.

Band Members: Rob Ellis – Lead Vocals, Guitar. Lou Cotterill – Bass, Vocals. Jacob Leff – Drums, Vocals


2019 Highlights: 

Debut album, Replica was released in April 2019.

Played many festivals across the UK!

European & UK tour ongoing – including some sold out shows! 

Social links for Cassia: Website | Instagram | Facebook| Twitter

To find somebody who shares the same admiration, inspirations along plus motivations as you in your life is magical enough; but imagine finding two people who share those. That is exactly how the band Cassia began, through a shared love for world music, travel stories as well as creating unity through their songs. Due to their level of passion alone, its no surprise that this northern trio which consists of Rob Ellis, Lou Cotterill and Jacob Leff have taken the UK music scene by storm in the last couple of years.

The band quickly built a large fan base with their energetic performances, feel-good summer vibes as well as their spectacular sound. In 2018, two of the singles they released Loosen Up and Get Up Tight gave the fans a way of showing just how much they was behind this trio. Both tracks received over 100,000 streams across the different streaming platforms but for Cassia the tracks were more than that.

The trio believe that Get Up Tight was the result of exploring which led to them finding the direction they wanted to go with their music. A few months after the release of Get Up Tight they dropped yet another single which showcased their unique sound along with their strong points. However, Loosen Up was more than just another single and quickly became a favourite for the band members, as well as the fans due to its message.

“It sums up what we think is important as a band and the message we want to spread in the future. We want to write music for people to loosen up but to also come together with to..” – Rob speaking about Loosen Up.

One of the bands tracks was written by Rob when he was just 17 years old, 100 times over has over 2 million stream – easily making it one of the bands most popular songs amongst fans. Since signing with Distiller Records in 2018 everything has become a little crazier, busier and noisier for this trio – especially following the release of their album Replica!

On the back of the release of REPLICA, Cassia kept that momentum going and was seen on many stages at music festivals across the UK this summer including TRNSMT, Reading festival, Tramlines, YNot festival, Kendall calling and more. Tramlines was the festival that I myself was introduced to Cassia! Sadly I only caught a couple of their songs but what I did catch prompted me to download their music and check them out!

What I found was songs that everybody can relate too; songs which covers the routine day to day lives, conversations and most importantly the need to just relax – or in the words of Cassia Loosen Up! The trio have just completed a run of shows in Europe, however they will begin their UK tour in just a couple of weeks. Luckily for you there are still tickets available to a number of shows on this tour; but get them quickly to avoid disappointment.

Overall, I genuinely believe that this year is the sign of things to come for this northern trio; things are about to get a lot crazier, busier and noisier then they already are. Its also clear by the performances as well as their songs that Cassia are loving every single minute of this; especially the reaction from the fans! Be sure to check out their social media links that I added above to keep up to date with any news, shows and more! You will not regret it!

MORE IMPORTANTLY! Listen their music on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music; download it, share it with your friends and get to a show near you! At the end of this month I will be at their Manchester show so look out for a review on that!

For now; let me know below what your favourite Cassia track is! 

Kelly xox

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