Elliot Joseph – While We’re Young – Single Review.

Review, single, Music & Memories, UK, country, rock, Celtic, singer-songwriter, band, Elliot Joseph

From the moment that we take our first breath we begin our very own journey; an adventure we all know as life. It’s not always beautiful, it’s not always perfect and it’s not always easy – but that’s the beauty of this voyage. The people we meet, the places we go as well as the choices we make lead us to the road which is ours to take. Through life we will experience things we love like passions, things that challenge us such as obstacles plus things that limit us such as the time we have. However ultimately we all have one goal in life and that is to live a life we are proud to look back on.

Review, single, Music & Memories, UK, country, rock, Celtic, singer-songwriter, band, Elliot Joseph
Image Credit: Elliot Joseph

Experiences we love can lead to the development of new passions, hobbies as well as interests in our journey called life. Some people will share your passions while others will not – however your loved ones will always encourage you to live your best life and do what you enjoy. Not only that, but those same people will be there with you throughout it all ready to look back on the life you led as you get further along your journey. Elliot Joseph’s new single “While We’re Young” is a track about his goals in life; the desire to take every chance presented to him while making the most of life in general too, but most importantly to share it with the people he meets along the way.

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The journey of Elliot Joseph began in the south of England, as a musician he loves to share the story in his work. In 2018 he released an EP called “Wild Atlantic Heart” which focused on three of his main passions which are travel, life and love; it also touches on his Celtic inspiration. Along with his five piece band Elliot is known for taking the audience on their very own journey with his captivating performances.

Review, single, Music & Memories, UK, country, rock, Celtic, singer-songwriter, band, Elliot Joseph
Image credit: Elliot Joseph

Today, 19th July 2019, sees the release of “While We’re Young” but the journey for Joseph will continue when the record drops later this year. Follow Elliot on social media to keep up to date with that information, links we’re provided earlier in this post.


While you’re listening to it (on repeat as I do) and searching for it on your favourite streaming platform (also, don’t forget to share it with your friends!) you can read my thoughts below!

As always the review has been separated into two sections; an overview and the detail section which will provide more insight to my personal views of the track.

Review overview.

Audio: 10/10.

Lyrically: 10/10.

Overall Rating: 10/10.

Review details.

Creating your own image in this modern day society is difficult as we are struck with expectations from everybody all around us. However, what is important to remember is that those who matter don’t care and those that care don’t matter. The other fact of life is that those who love you will encourage you to chase your dreams and be standing right beside you when you need somebody to lean on. Those very people are the ones who you will see in your memories regularly in years to come when you look back on your journey, they are the ones who have helped to shape the person you have become and the the ones who will play a role in the person you become. To me “While We’re Young” is a song not just about those people but focusing on the life we have right now and making the most of it by chasing the dream as well as taking as many chances as are presented to us. The message found in the lyrics is really as simple as focusing on the positive in life instead of dwelling at the paths which end and you will be proud to look back on your journey through life when that time comes.

There has clearly been a lot of thought put into the track which shows signs of not only a great band but also wonderful producer and studio. From lyrics, to the instrumental plus the vocals – it’s beautifully written and recorded.

I would like to take this moment though to focus on the vocal aspect of the track, Elliots voice is honestly incredible. It’s clear that he is singing about a topic which he feels so strongly about as you can hear the sincerity in his vocals throughout the whole song. Match that with the instruments of the band that back him and you have the perfect collaboration, mix and sound. The music along with Josephs voice compliment each other so well its as though they all feel the same; which is a beautiful thing to hear.

Truthfully this song has to be one of the most uplifting, inspiring as well as motivating tracks I have heard in a long time. Another fact about this song is that it makes me proud to be English, to know we have artists who are focused on sharing such positive and uplifting messages just fills me with pride.

Do you want to know what’s most exciting? This is the just the start of a new journey for Elliot as well as his band with the rest of the record set to drop later this year.

Tell me below what you thought about this incredible single?

Kelly xox

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