Holloway Road – Gullivers NQ – Review – May 16th 2019

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Headliners: Holloway Road.

Support Acts: Emily Faye & Laura Oakes

Venue: Gullivers NQ, Manchester.

Date: May 16th 2019.

Emily Faye.

Emily Faye Gullivers NQ Manchester UK May 2019
Image credit: Travel and Tunes

The opener of the show was Emily Faye, a UK based country singer-songwriter. When your inspiration creates a platform for you to share your story that’s when you know you have found your strength. Emily Faye is one of those artists who’s story began with a simple passion and desire yet now has blossomed into this wonderful career.

She began her set with a song called Open Road. To put it simply, I was hooked. It’s one of those songs which takes the listener on a journey through Emily’s life allowing them to build a connection with her as a person. Its the right mixture of British and American country sound. This was the one song during her set which caught my attention the most however her whole set was incredible. I would definitely see her again and can imagine soon enough that she will be invited to play at popular events such as Country to Country or buckle and boots.

Be sure to check her out on her social media accounts.

Facebook  Twitter | Website 

Laura Oakes.

Next up was Laura Oakes, she seemed to be the topic of conversation prior to the event started with people excited to see her once again. This was my first time seeing her live, although she did play at Country to Country earlier this year in London. I was excited to see what she could bring to the stage.

What became obvious is that this northern UK country star likes to make her own rules. Liverpool born Laura is the total opposite of the typical sounds you would expect to come out of the city and has used this to her advantage. A few minutes into her set I realised what all the excitement was about; as well as realised why she is a British country music award winner. There were so many wonderful songs during her including welcome to the family, better in blue jeans and how big is your world. The future is bright for Laura’s career and in my opinion she is the one to watch for this year and next. This year alone she has played or will play some of the most popular country music related festivals in the UK which goes to show just how popular she is.

For your chance to learn more about Laura check out her social media accounts.

Facebook | Twitter | Website


The headlining act, Holloway Road, consists of vocalist and multi-instrumentalists Jack Cooper & Robert Gulston, two friends who have played together since before Holloway Road was formed. There was a clear chemistry between the two of them as a duo that made the songs sound all that more special.

If She Falls, Get The Girl, Lightening and We Said So were some of the songs which stood out most to me during their set. However, the most beautiful moment that I experienced at this small intimate gig was the moment they welcome Laura back to the stage. The duo along with Laura performed and incredible new track that they had wrote together recently, even admitting they may forget it. They didn’t however and the song was absolutely breathtaking; It was called Is She Brick Or Water.

The crowds response to the duo was warm, positive and clear – they have their fan base, they have their talent and they are more than ready to leave their own unique quirks on the industry. They have worked hard to get to the point they are at now in their career which is incredible to see; they’ve shared the stage with a number of huge artists as well as being invited to play festivals across the UK such as Country to Country.

If you are looking for a new sound; artists who will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams and people who exceed all expectations – then follow Holloway Road and get yourself to one of their upcoming shows.

The venue was perfect for the intimate kind of shows; the only negative comment I have about the venue is that it was a little dark. Overall though I would visit this venue again for a show. I would also see Holloway Road again given the opportunity.

Facebook Twitter Website 

Rating; 10/10. 

Tell me below which venue you visited for your last show? 

Kelly xox

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